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SCAM ALERT! Possible scam phone calls

We have learned about a couple of scams that we want our members to be aware of.

Another cooperative in central Illinois reports that some of their members have received phone calls claiming to be the cooperative. The caller says the member has overpaid their account and asks for their information so that a refund check can be sent. In this case, the phone number appears to be from the Chicago area. If you ever receive a suspicious call asking for account information, hang up and contact us at 800-858-5522.

One of our member service representatives also alerted us to an online scam. In this instance a pop-up window with the cooperative’s name at the top, congratulates the reader and thanks them for their loyalty with a chance to receive a $1000 gift card. If you see this kind of pop-up, do not click on it! Pop-up ads or email links offering free gift cards are a ploy to get your personal information or could download malware.

For more information on staying safe from scams, visit


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